Band Biography

A stylistically unique Heavy Metal Band from day one, the members of Impluvium met online to start this new project.

André Prevedello and Tales Ribeiro decided to form a new band after the end of their previous project, Dogma Blue. Joining forces with Okyr prog metal singer Carlos Rocha, followed by bassist Guilherme Fuse also from Doomsday Hymn and finally by Luiz Rodrigues a prolific solo player.

The band was formed early September 2020 and by October of that year were on studio to record their first single "Flower Street" which was released on November 13th. The band is currently working on a full length album to be released still in 2021.

The band seeks a sound with body, depth and power as a controlled explosion, a contemporary Impluvium.


We are Impluvium

Who’s Who

Carlos Rocha

Lead Singer

Luiz Rodrigues


Tales Ribeiro


Guilherme Fuse


André Prevedello


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