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Destruction Paradox)

Rocha / Rodrigues / Ribeiro / Fuse / Prevedello

Now the time has come, the clock in ticking

no more life around, the earth is dying

life is fading no time for escape,

there is no return Oblivion

Abuses on the Earth, Fire all around

No respect the time has come

our faith is defined, there is no place to hide

we cannot survive...Were doomed to die

Annihilation Extermination Decimation Eradication


Humanity believed to be an immortal being, consuming itself

our mind was weak but even struggling,

sever faith from unceasing culture

destroying our heritage, made us sterile

then life went away along with our breath

nature has its aim don’t need us to reign

we must respect the claim, otherwise there will be pain


Annihilation Extermination Alienation Obliteration


Restoration Cultivation Regeneration Association

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