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IMPLUVIUM: Priceless Soul (Lyric Video)

IMPLUVIUM: Priceless Soul (Lyric Video)

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In Roman times the hearth was situated in the atrium which held the altar to the family gods, the Lares. It had, universally, a marble basin known as the Impluvium. This atrium, often surrounded by colonnades, had the ability to encircle and even dominate people with water element. In intense rainy days the space acted as a controlled water explosion, a visual and audible spectacle.

Composed of a group of experienced and skillful performers, the artists behind Impluvium have earned their reputation on previous projects with expressive bands and as solo artists. The band seeks a sound with body, depth and power. Now releasing their third single, Priceless Soul, which shows how the band is evolving as new styles are brought to the compositions, making the band unique. The song theme it's around the existence of a Soul, as the universe and God talked to it. The song is fierce, full of energy with an epic guitar duet leading to a powerful solo. The song chorus is melodic and heavy with great guitar breakdowns. Previous singles Flower Street and BE had shown the band potential and the new single pushes the band one step forward.

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